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Carbon Black

Details of Presto Stantest Private Limited 
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 Presto Stantest Private Limited 
Contact: Presto Group  
Address: I-42A, DLF Industrial Area, Phase-1, Delhi Mathu   121003     
Tel No: 129-4272727
Fax No: 
Products / Services: Presto Group Manufacturers & Exporters of Plastic Testing Instruments, Paint & Plating Instruments, Paper & Packaging Instruments, Textile & Yarn Testing Instruments, Rubber Testing Instruments, Environmental Test Chambers, Metal Testing Instruments, Lab Testing Equipments, Automatic Optical Brinell Hardness Testers, Brinell Hardness Testing Machines, Digital Rockwell Hardness Testers, IZOD & CHARPY Impact Testing Machines, Optical Brinell Hardness Testing Machines, Rockwell Cum Brinell Hardness Testers, Universal Testing Machine Analogue, Universal Testing Machine Computerised, Vickers Hardness Testers Cum Brinell Hardness Testing Machines, Accelerated Aging Oven, Accelerated Weathering Tester, Computerised Hot Air Oven, Dust Chamber, Programmable Temp & Humidity Chamber, Rain Spray Chamber, Salt Spray chamber, Salt Spray Chamber - Mini Model, Seal Integrity Tester, Bennewart Flex Tester, Compression Set Apparatus-Constant Strain, De-Mattia Flex Tester, Digital - Shore A Hardness Tester, Din Abrasion Tester, Dumbbell Cutting Press, Dumbell Cutting Die, IRHD Rubber Hardness Tester, Muffle Furnace, Oscillating Disc Rheometer, Ozone Chamber, Ozone Chamber Touch Screen Computerised, Rebound Resilience Tester, Ross Flexing Tester, Shore A Hardness Tester with Stand, Specific Gravity Balance - Digital, Tensile Testing Machine (CAP 2500 KGF.), Tensile Testing Machine Computerised-250-kg, Tension Set Apparatus, Ultra Low Temperature Freezer, Beesley Balance, Bursting Strength Tester - Analogue Model, Bursting Strength Tester - Digital, Bursting Strength Tester - Pneumatic, Color Matching Cabinet (Spectrum ASIA), Color Matching Cabinet (Spectrum EURO), Color Matching Cabinet (Spectrum USA), Computer Based Tensile Testing Machine, Computerised Snap Pullout Tester, Crease recovery Tester, Crock Meter - Hand Operated, Crockmeter Motorised, Digital Binocular Microscope, Digital Colour Matching System, Digital Moisture Meter, Digital pH Meter - Table Top, Digital Pilling Tester, Digital Tensile Strength Tester, Digital Wrap Reel, Double Yarn Twist Tester, Flammability Tester, Grammage Checking Kit, Hand Operated Wrap Reel, Hi-Precision Electronic Balance, Humidity Chambers / Conditioning Chambers, Martindale Abrasion cum Pilling Tester, Martindale Abrasion Cum Pilling Tester-NXG, MBTL Fastness Tester, Perspirometer, Polarising Projection Microscope, Portable Thickness Gauges, Shrinkage Scale & Template, Single Yarn Breaking Tester, Single Yarn Twist Tester, Snap Button Pullout Tester, Spray Tester, Stiffness Tester, Suture Dia Gauge Tester, Swatch Cutter - 300 mm, Traverse Thread Counter, Washometer I for ISO Testing, Washometer II for AATCC Testing, Washometer III for ISO & AATCC Testing, Water Bath, XENO ULTIMO-1000, Yarn Examining Board Winder, Yarn Tension Tester, Box Compression Tester, Box Compression Tester - Computerized, Bursting Strength Tester - Digital Pneumatic, Bursting Strength Tester- Analogue, Bursting Strength Tester-Digital, Cobb Sizing Tester, Colour Matching Cabinet Asia, Colour Matching Device, Conditioning Chambers / Humidity Chambers, Digital Edge Crush Tester (ECT), Digital GSM Balance, Digital Tensile Testing Machine (CAP 250KG), GSM Round Cutter, Moisture Meter, Opacity Tester-Digital, Peel Adhesion/Bond/Seal Strength Tester-Digital, Puncture Resistance Tester, Scuff Tester, Tearing Strength Tester, Tensile Testing Machine Computerised, Coating Thickness Gauge, Colour Matching Cabinet - Asia, Conditioning Humidity Chambers, Conical Mandrel Bending, Cupping Machine, Gloss Meter, Impact Resistance Tester, Lux Meter, Ph Meter, Salt Spray Chamber- Korrox III, Salt Spray Chamber Mini Model, Scratch Hardness Tester Hand Operated, Scratch Hardness Tester Motorised, Carbon Black Content Apparatus, Carbon Black Dispersion Test Appartus, CO-Efficient of Friction Tester (Dynamic Model), COLOUR CHEX, Colour Matching Cabinet - Spectrum Euro, Computer Based Tensile Testing Machine -Zeus Ultimo, Conditioning Chamber / Humidity Chamber, Dart Impact Tester, Digital Color Matching Device, Digital Specific Gravity Balance, Digital Tensile Testing Machine Cap 2500KG, Drop Tester, Environmental Stress Cracking Resistance - E.S.C.R, Heat Deformation Tester, Heat Sealer, Hot Air Oven, Hot Air Oven Computerized, Illuminated Magnifiers, IZOD/CHARPY Impact Tester -Digital, Melt Flow Index - Deluxe, Moisture Analyzer, Peel Strength / Seal Strength Tester Digital, SPECTRUM EURO, Tensile Tester -Digital, Transparency Tester, Ultra Low Deep Freezer, Vibration Table, Zues Ultimo etc.
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