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Details of Interstate Supply Company 
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 Interstate Supply Company 
Contact: Akhil Agarwal CEO 
Address: 51, Bhupen Bose AvenueNear Shyambazar Metro Station,   700004     
Tel No: 91-33-25555651
Fax No: 91-33-25559554
Products / Services: Lubricating oils, Engine oils, Cutting oils, Lubricants, Quenching oils, Process oils, Metal Working Oils, Hydraulic oils, Cutting Oil, compressor oil, deep drawing & pressing Oils, Deep Drawing & Stamping Oils, Loom oils, Gear Oils, Graphite Oils, Insulating Oils, Margarine Oils, Mineral Oils, Penetrating Oils, Rolling Oils, Soluble Oils, Metal Cutting Oils, Transformer Oils, Soluble Oils, Synthetic Oils, Electrical Oils, White Oils, Paraffin Oils, Vaccum Oils, Deep Drawing Oils, Machine Oil, Turbine Oil, Metal Quenching Oils, Metal Rolling Oils, Metal Tempering Oils, Motor Oils, Naphthenic Oils, Viscous Oils, Steel Tempering Oils, Steel Quenching Oils, Steel Hardening Oils, Stamping Oils, Technical White Oils, Automatic Transmission Fluids, Brake Fluids, Cutting Fluids, Hydraulic Fluids, Heat Transfer Fluids, Fluids: Hydrostatic Gearbox, Fluids: Metal Working, Gearbox Fluids, Fluids: Silicone, Fluids: Thermal Transfer, Metal Working Oils & Fluids, Fluids: Transmission, Manual Pumps: Oil & Grease, Lubricating, Mixers: Grease & Lubricating Compound , Lubricating Systems: Aircraft Engine, Bearings: Self-Lubricating, Bushings: Self-Lubricating, Chains: Self-Lubricating, Lubricants: Engine, Lubricants: Dry Film, Lubricants: Cutting, Lubricants: Anti-Seize, Lubricants: Chain, Lubricant Guns, Lubricants: Aerosol, Lubricants: Chain, Fluids, Oils, Lubricants, Coolants, Hydraulics & Hydraulic Components, Corrosion Resistant Compounds,
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